Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On the Road Together

     One of the most incredible experiences I have had on my mission was to be able to teach the most wonderful couple. Jeff and Angie Maurer. We met Angie in Napa while she was working at the In-n-Out there. As we pulled up she exclaimed with excitement, "Oh Hi Elders"! Being thrown off by the unexpected greeting, she told us that she was a member of the church but hadn't been to church for a while. She did tell us that she wanted us to come by her place because she wanted help getting back to church. The first time that we went over, Jeff who was not a member, was a little apprehensive about having us over. He later on said, "Whenever missionaries used to come by I would just ignore them or not even answer the door". We finally got a time to sit down with both Angie and Jeff. At first it was a visit full of 'stump the missionaries' questions. As we answered the questions he started to soften his heart a little bit. He asked, "Well what happens when we die"? The room went silent but the spirit came into the room. My companion, Elder Berry and I, proceeded to teach the Plan Of Salvation. As we taught, the spirit taught. It was so incredible. This was a question that Jeff had never previously been able to find an answer to that satisfied him. We taught about the Resurrection (Alma 11:43-44) and as we taught about it the spirit intensified. I believe that this is where things turned. He never knew that no matter the physical disabilities anyone may have in this life, at the resurrection your body will be perfected.
     Another one of the things that resonated with Jeff was that life is not a race but a journey and that we will be judged not by how far we get but upon the intent of our hearts and if we have repented of the things we have done that were wrong, no matter how bad they may be. It has helped Jeff develop patience more as he progresses towards his baptism. I have had many wonderful meetings with both of them that have been some of the most spiritual experiences of my entire mission. I love this couple.
     They have also sacrificed a lot to make the changes they have made and the Lord has provided a way for them to continually progress as individuals and as a couple. They even read scriptures and pray together. Both Jeff and Angie are excited about the Gospel and they are now working towards being sealed together for time and all eternity in the temple. It has been such a wonderful blessing to work with both of them and I know that they are sincere and that the Lord has truly touched both of their lives.
     Jeff also has such a strong testimony of His Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. His religious views used to be, "Whatever puts wind in your sails is fine with me". However, that has all changed. In his own words he said, "I believe in this church, that the Book of Mormon is the interpreted word of of God, that He gave His only begotten Son to die for our sins; I believe in the Atonement, in agency, and that all things glorious - including the love that Angie and I feel for each other -are possible through the love of God and Jesus Christ". How glorious it has been to play even a small part in such a wonderful conversion. He has undergone a 'mighty change of heart' and both him and Angie are on this road together.


  1. I love this! That's awesome:) It brought tears to my eyes just reading this blog. They have both come a long way and they are amazing:)

  2. Elder! keep up the great writing! Im so grateful that you have been able to help gather some of the fold! May the spirit be with you always. Remember, the online missionary world is growing. Many future elders and sisters will be looking to you and your writing. Merry Christmas!
    Your friend
    Danny Cook

  3. Elder...

    That posting brought tears of pure Joy to my soul...I love that they are going to be sealed together! What a great love story...I Love how God works in ones Life, when you turn to Him. It makes me think of a picture Brother Anderson had on his blackboard for a Gospel Principle Lesson;of Jesus with his arms stretched out for those who want his LOVE; God turns his back on on one...
    Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Noticing you wrote this Dec 2010. This couple was on Howard Stern July 2011, watch it on YouTube, talking crassly & in detail about their first time having sex when he was a MARRIED HIGH SCHOOL teacher and she his student. He even said younger vagina is better than older & I worked with him so I know for a fact he is a pig. And now the Lord is blessing their marriage in the temple! What a HYPOCRITICAL JOKE MORMONS ARE.

  5. Was this before or after Howard Stern appearance ?

    1. I see you're from Reddit too. :)

    2. I see you're from Reddit too. :)

  6. She was my roomate for a while. Nice girl...

  7. Anything to make him feel better about have pre martial sex with his 17 year old student when he was married, 45, and with children. He daughters stopped contact with him, obviously becauss his oldest daughter is older than his current wife! What man of god would continue with such a relationship at the cost of his relationship with his daughter. Howard Stern even said this guy is messed up.