Sunday, December 5, 2010

Change of Heart

     As a missionary, you see many changes in  peoples' hearts. It is a glorious experience when you can see the difference that is made in their lives, by simply teaching them the Gospel and them accepting that Gospel into their lives. I felt that I should post a story of someone that I have seen their life change every so often because these are truly amazing people and they have had so much joy brought into their lives because of the message that missionaries share on a daily basis. Keep in mind, it is these kind of experiences that make the hardships of serving a mission completely and totally worth it!

     I feel like I should share the story about Marlon Jones this time around. One night Elder Bevan and I were on an exchange together in Vallejo and a miracle happened. It was pretty late and was really dark and we decided to go see someone who said that they were interested previously. They were not home but upon turning around, we saw this guy across the street who was drugged up and smoking a joint. At first we were hesitant to talk to him but the Spirit told us that we needed to talk to him. Even though he wasn't totally all there he accepted a Book of Mormon and invited us to come back. Marlon began reading in the Book of Mormon and never turned back. He quit smoking, drinking and doing drugs. He felt the difference in his life. As he was trying to quit smoking it was very tough for him so he memorized a scripture that he would recite in his head every time he would get a craving, Jacob 3:11. Sure enough by his Baptism date, he had quit smoking and was ready to follow the example of his Savior and be baptized! It has changed his life. About 3 months later, he baptized his own son Marlon Jr. and today he is the Sunday School teacher in the Vallejo 2nd ward. All this came from proselyting on a dark night in the streets of Vallejo California!


  1. This is an awesome story. Marlon is so awesome. It is good to see him at church. He really adds class to the place in his cool suits.

    Can you read other people's blog? Go to and read the 2nd from the top post called Passion, Passion Who Has a Passion. Tell me what you think.

  2. That is so Amazing! Our Heavenly Father is there for Everyone with open arms, as long as we are ready to accept him, He never turns his back on his Children. I always tell the story when you asked me, "Did you ever think this time last year, that you would be where you are Today?" After you asked me that question, I look back and realize that "When I You accept the Savior into Your Life, Mircales Happen". Thank You for posting!!!